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Who we are

Since 1998, WJPKG brings over 20 years of experience and technical knowledge as an engineer, specialized in flexible packaging materials. With highest priorities placed on customer satisfaction and reliable service, WJPKG is earning a solid reputation as the marketing firm of high-tech specialty packaging materials and solution......

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WJ Packaging Solution has been supplying over 130 client companies in North America. WJPKG's vision is to broaden its customer base to every corner of the world

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3 Side Seal Bags 

3-Side Seal pouches can be used for a wide range of food and non-food application. A 3-Side Seal Pouch has seals ......

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Easy Open End

An innovation

E.O.E. lids that are functionally designed to open with minimal effort and produces ease of use by consumers.....

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Flexible Packaging Production

CMS Production

One of the toughest challenges any Rotogravure Printer could face is correctly meeting the customers'.......

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EOE Production

One touch, full panel

The introduction of the one touch, full panel E.O.E. lid has been an innovation that has transformed the lid.....

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