Dear valued customers!

Packaging is an integral part of marketing any product. The role of the packaging is not only to generate customers' desire to purchase but also to protect the product that it contains. Packaging is one of the most critical elements in deciding its contents' comparativeness by visually presenting its key characteristics and advantages.

The packaging industry today, in the 21st century, requires heavy use of complicated procedures and techniques with machinery, processing techniques, chemical know-how, etc. Wonji Canada Corporation (WJPKG) is devoted to providing quality packaging products to its customers, with the most advanced technologies available. 

Since 1998, WJPKG brings over 20 years of experience and technical knowledge as an engineer, specialized in flexible packaging materials. With highest priorities placed on customer satisfaction and reliable service, WJPKG is earning a solid reputation as the marketing firm of high-tech specialty packaging materials and solution provider for the food packaging industry in North America. 
Abiding by strict environmental guidelines, WJPKG brings vivid colour that is closer to nature itself by employing Roto Gravure Printing technology to its products. WJPKG will continuously strive to be an environmentally responsible corporation.

With the goal of customer satisfaction in mind, WJPKG is specialized in small and variety orders as well as bulk orders. WJPKG will do its best to earn our clients' utmost trust. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your flexible packaging needs.

Best regards,