• Founded Kumsung Junggi(address: Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu)
  • Developed and manufactured purification and auto packing machine for the first time in Korea- provided products to each pharmacist(Korea Eundan, etc.)
  • Developed the filler for the first time in Korea- provided product to each food company(liquid, drink and baccus)


  • Changed company name into Kumsung Machine Industry(location: Hwigyeong-dong, Dongdaemun-gu)
  • Began auto powder packing machine for each medical product
  • Began the manufacture of Ration packing machine in Vietnam War - provided products to Sinheung Flour Industry of Daejeon
  • Began the manufacture of soup, seasoning, ginseng tea and mycin packing machine- provided products to each domestic pharmacist and food company
  • Began transaction with Lotte CQ


  • Began the manufacture of red pepper paste, cosmetic and shampoo auto packing machine
  • Provided product to Sempio Foods Company, each seasoning company and Amorepacific Corporation.


  • Changed company name into Handok Auto Machine (location: Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu - Technical cooperation with Japanese company
  • Appointed as quality improvement company by the Ministry of Commerce, Employment and Trade.


  • Incorporated company to Handok Auto Machine Co., Ltd.(constructed factory in Pungmu-ri, Gimpo-eup, Gimpo-gun, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Technical cooperation with Japanese Tokiwa, Actra and Suzuki
  • Developed and manufactured stick auto packing machine and high-speed auto packing machine for the first time in Korea - provided products to domestic pharmacists, cosmetic companies, electronic product companies and other OEM companies(medical product, powder granule, snack, farming product, instant noodle, bread, seasoning, cosmetic, candy)
  • Participated in SEOUL PACK 89 Fair.


  • Technical cooperation with French TECHNI MECA
  • Developed and manufactured carton auto packing machine for the first time in Korea - provided product to each pharmacist and food company
  • Participated in SEOUL PACK 91 Fair
  • Exported auto packing machine to Southeastern Asia, Nigeria and USA


  • Participated in 93 Korean Machine Fair
  • Exported auto packing machine to Soviet Union, Indonesia and China
  • Participated in 94 Korea Packing Machine Fair
  • Developed and manufactured ZIPPER BAG auto packing machine - provided product to Jeil Pharmaceutical
  • Developed and manufactured BUBBLE GUM auto packing machine - provided large amount of products to Indonesia


  • Participated in International Packing Machine Fair of Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Participated in International Packing Machine Fair of Malaysia(FAM)
  • Launched internet service for the first time in industry in 1996.
  • Launched web service and digital station service on the basis of customer service in 2000.


  • Participated in Seoul International Packing Machine Fair and Southeast Asia Fair
  • Acquired patent for 3 Side Ceiling-Rotary Type High Speed Powder Packing Machine.
  • Exported products to North & Middle America, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, China, Middle East, etc.