Plain Aluminum Foil

Plain Aluminum Foil (4.5 µ - 100µ)

Plain aluminum is applied to general package, capacitor and cathode foil as well as to industrial use, automobile, air-conditioner, electric wires and etc. in our converting facility, aluminum foil is coated, printed and laminated with film, paper and many kinds of other materials.



  • Capacitor Foil
  • Flexible Packaging (High Gloss)
  • Retort Pouch
  • Cooking Foil
  • Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging
  • Yogurt Cap Foil
  • Cathode Foil
  • Lid Foil
  • Decoration Foil
  • Transformer Foil
  • Automobile Heat Exchanger Fin (Clad Fin)
  • Room Air Conditional Fin