Double Rotary / HR 8/10

  • HR-8/10 Single / Double Rotary Packaging Machine is widely used in food and non-food applications for filling and sealing all kinds of pre-made
  • ouches such as flat bottom Pouch (box pouch), stand up pouch (with zip or without), shaped pouches, or retort pouches.
  • PLC Control enables a simple and easy user-oriented interface via the LCD control panel.
  • The Servo mechanism system assures an exact and accurate filling operation.
  • Automatic detection system stops the filling process when no pouch is present which reduces packaging and product loss.
  • The photo-eye automatically adjusts filling positions.
  • Film loss is reduced through the use of an automatic tensioning system
  • Safety management system alerts to an abnormal fill or machine error.
  • Food Safety: Complies with GMP standard - all product contact parts are in stainless steel or food grade materials.

Liquid, paste, powders, granules, solidss, etc


LIQUID - stick mc(Nestle-coffee)


LIQUID - stick+line up+out packing


POWDER - Rotary(coffee powder)




HR-8/10 (Double)


2 Lines: 54 – 100 PPM


1,715(W) X 2,620(L) X 2,028(H)

Packing Size(mm)

50 - 200(W) X 100 - 380(L)

Filling Capacity

20 - 300g, 1,000g, 1,500g, 3,000g

Power Consume

3 Phase, 220/380/440V X 50/60Hz (5 - 7Kw/h)

Compressed Air

1.5m3 /min, 5 - 6kg/cm2, Comp: 10HP(for 2 Lines)


about 1,500 - 2,300kg

Optional Acc

Printer, First Supply Pump, Notch Device, First Bucket C/V