Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging production is a combination of specialized processes and fine techniques performed by our technicians in various departments. With many years of experience, all our technicians have become masters who take pride in the quality of our final products. Our staff is trained to approach all projects with dedication to help the customer succeed.

Production Flow:

1. Artwork

Whether you have your own artwork or need our assistance in creating one, our friendly staff is here to help you with the artwork process. Once the artwork is finalized, we then proceed to the next 3 proofing stages – Digital Proof, Paper Proof, Cylinder Proof

2. Printing

We provide two types of printing methods – Rotogravure Printing & Digital Printing

Rotogravure is the traditional printing method with metal plates and separate ink stations. It provides exceptionally crisp print quality, while accommodating higher quantity print runs.

Digital printing is the similar method to your conventional digital printer at home. Our specialized industrial grade digital printer is the perfect option for those looking for smaller quantity runs.

3. Laminating

Lamination is the process of gluing the printed material to other substrates with different properties. We provide both dry lamination and extruded lamination, depending on the application of the bag. If you are unsure with your product, our trained staff will be happy to suggest the proper technique for you.

4. Converting

Converting is the pouch making process, where the laminated materials are made into its final bag shape. Different equipment is used for different pouch types, and each machine is carefully calibrated and set before every job to ensure quality product.

5. Quality Control

Once the final product is produced, it passes through our scrutinizing staff who are trained to detect the smallest issues. Once it passes our Quality Control department, the bags are carefully packaged in preparation for shipping.

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