Product Features

Flexible Packaging Features


Resealable feature allows the consumer to reseal or reclose the packaging after usage.

Pocket Zipper (Tear-Top)

Pocker zipper offers tear-top entry for consumer.

Velcro Zipper

Velcro zipper fastens reclosing process while providing the ease of use.

Laser Score

Laser scoring allows packaging to be designed for easy opening without using scissors, as well as making packages consumer friendly to tear the line without spillage.

Linear Tear

Linear tear provides flexible pouches with a clean and straight openings at the tear notch.

Tear Notch

One of the most simple feature to tear the pouch.


Perforation creates air circulation inside the pouches.

Vent Stripe Membrane

Vent Stripe Membrane allow bags to breathe without getting any microbes inside the bag.

One-Way Valve

One-way valve is often called as the ‘plastic belly button’. This valve was originally designed for fresh roasted coffee, to release large amounts of CO2 in the package.

Matte Coating


Soft Touch



Anti slip prevents from moving around between two pouches/bags by special coating finish.

Spout Rail

Spout Rails are highly efficient for filling spout pouches by row at a time.

Tear-Top w/ Velcro Zipper

A velcro zipper version of pocket zipper.

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